AR Dino Roar

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Welcome to: AR Dino Roar, the augmented reality application where you can view the best dinosaur models and listen them roar.

Augmented reality allows to visualize an object as if it were part of the real environment. To do this, we need only an image such as the cover of a newspaper or magazine.


1 Hold the smartphone or tablet PARALLEL to the image you want to use as mark.
2 Press the “dino” button.


– Tap on dinosaur name to listen the roar.
– Use top menu to change the model.
– Button “info”: Back to this screen.
– Button “flash”: For viewing the dinosaurs in dark environments.


– Rex
– Stegosaurus
– Deinonychus
– Ankylosaurus
– Pychyack
– Parasaurus
– Pterodactylus
– Styraco
– Triceratops
– Diplodocus

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