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bell sound effect

Door Bell Sound

Door Bell Sound application is for having fun. Interrupt boring people or situations with using Door bell Sound and be the focus of attention. Door Bell Sound is very useful to bridge embarrassing moments or fool your friends and family. It’s a one sound application with play and stop button for proper timing. Have fun!

bell sound effect

Alarm and Sirens Sounds

Strong, noticable sounds that can’t be avoided. Thre main categories, bells, sirens and alarms, plus some other sounds. Want to have powerful notification sound? Don’t ever miss your alarm again. Choose tornado warrning sound for your wake up alarm, and you will be wake up in a second. Want to play with your friends? Want […]

bell sound effect

Bicycle Bell

Are you being ignored and require other people’s attention? Haven’t you got a real bicycle bell? Are you in need of ringing the bell today? Try out this new configurable and intuitive Bicycle Bell to fool your friends, get the attention you deserve or make somebody believe you’re actually riding your bike! Very useful when […]

bell sound effect

Real Church Bells

The sounds of church bells have tremendous healing power. Many people know and respect this mighty fine sound. The sounds of bells are suitable for fun and meditation. You can play it on your phone using multi-touch and compose your own bell’s melodies. You can even invent new rhythms. This app realizes any of your […]

bell sound effect

Old Telephone Ringtones

☎Old Telephone Ringtones is a new retro ringtones app featuring best old classic ringtones for your device! Download loud retro phone ringtones and enjoy good old classic ringtones that never go out of fashion! If you are someone who likes the sound of retro phone ringtones and prefers vintage ringtones and sounds, this Old Telephone […]