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fire engine siren

Siren Sounds

Get all collection of sirens sound ringtones like cop siren, ambulance siren, air raid siren sound, emergency siren, alarm siren, car siren, warning siren sound, emergency vehicle sirens, siren light, boat horn, coast guard boat siren, fire alarm, fire truck siren, nuclear siren, police siren, radar, smoke alarm and other siren sound ringtones. All these […]

fire engine siren

Fire Siren Sounds

How to play: – Tap on the 1 of 3 sirens and hear the sound of a fire alarm This is a app-prank contains 3 types of fire siren sounds. Created solely for entertainment. Attention: The app is created for entertainment and does no harm! This application does not have the functionality of a real […]

fire engine siren

Loud Siren Ringtones

Get free loud police siren sounds and ringtones for your Android! Plenty of super cool police siren sounds and ringtones in this free app! Siren sounds such as police car siren, air defense alarm or car alarm and so on! You can set the loud siren ringtones as your phone ringtones, alarm clock ringtones, SMS […]