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Are you looking for best Chipmunk calls? This Chipmunk sounds app provide collection of electronic Chipmunk calls at your fingertips. These Chipmunks calls are clear sound that recorded from real Chipmunks.

Chipmunk, (genus Tamias) are small squirrel-like rodents that are native to North America, although one species is found in some European countries.

The chipmunks’ call is a shrill chirring or chipping. They relish seeds, berries, and tender plants, but they also eat fungi, insects and other arthropods, and sometimes carrion. Their shrill, repeated, birdlike chirp is usually made upon sensing a threat but is also thought to be used as a mating call by females.

Do not hesitate, explore this fantastic sound application, and let us know what you think in comments.

Chipmunk sounds app Features:
☆ All Sounds are high quality sounds
☆ App can work in the background
☆ Auto-play sounds mode available
☆ App works offline after download.
☆ Free App.
☆ Set any Sound as Ringtone, Alarm tone, Notification tone.

How to Install and use Chipmunk sounds App?
> Install the app from play store
> Open the app and click on any sound to play
> Choose sound and hold to set it as ringtone
> Click on top right corner 3 dot’s to set auto repeat mode.
That’s It !!

Download the app now and enjoy.

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